Broken relationships heal and great relationships get better!

Successful relationship counseling focuses on what works and what people want. Too often, counseling time is consumed by participants' complaints about what they believe is "wrong" with their partner or other family members.

Your therapist will teach you relationship and communication skills you need to have the relationship experience you desire!

Couples Therapy
  • Pre-Marriage/Commitment Exploration
  • Effective Communication Counseling
  • Fair Fighting / Anger Management
  • Maximizing Sexual Potential Counseling
  • Post-Affair Recovery Counseling
  • Collaborative Parenting
Family Counseling
  • Family Conflict Resolution
  • Coping with Crisis / Illness
  • Grief of Loss
  • Abuse Intervention & Resolution
  • Family Communication Improvement
  • Transition Planning (i.e. Aged Parents, Off to College, etc.)
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