Call us at 414-858-1014 to schedule and appointment. We will ask for basic demographic and insurance information.

Performance Enhancement Health Services, S.C. (PEHS) is committed to providing therapy services that are deemed medically necessary. PEHS is committed to providing therapy services that are identified with a treatment plan you understand, that delineates concrete objective results you desire from treatment.

Performance Enhancement is independently owned and operated. As an independent, small company we do not have the financial reserves of large systems like Aurora or Ascension. We rely on your every dollar to be able to continue to practice to the high standards you will experience here.

We believe the financial relationship we are establishing in providing our services to you is with you, not your insurance company. We view your insurance company as your financial resource, not our client.

As you may have experienced, health insurance companies have become Increasingly difficult to communicate with for both consumers and providers. They have progressively made it more difficult for providers to get paid and are withholding or denying payments more often.

As a small company, we simply cannot afford to not get paid in a timely fashion for the quality therapy we provide.

Therefore, as a service to you, we will process insurance claims on your behalf. However, our financial arrangement with you is constructed to ensure that we are paid in a reasonable amount of time, independent of if and when your insurance company chooses to pay a claim.

We believe that our financial agreement will honorably serve both you, as our client and our clinic as a service provider to ensure that we can afford to deliver the high quality care you will experience.

If you choose not to self-pay your account, as a service to you, PEHS will file insurance claims to most insurance companies for you. As a courtesy, we call to verify insurance information.

PEHS is not responsible for misquotation of benefits. We/they do not guarantee payment based on these benefits. Please understand that you are responsible for your account with Performance Enhancement Health Services.

If your insurance changes, you are responsible to notify PEHS immediately. We will call to verify your new insurance information. You are fully responsible for any visits not covered by insurance due to a change in policies.

Payment of deductibles and co-payments are due at the time of service.

Cancellations may be made 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Please call 414-858-1014. Our administrative team is available to cancel and reschedule your appointments with you.

You can also leave a message after hours in our administrative voicemail by choosing prompt one.

If you are a weekend client leaving a message go into your therapist voicemail as directed and choose prompt three.

All appointments not cancelled with at least a 24-hour notice will automatically incur a late fee.

All no show appointments will automatically incur a fee for the first no show, and the full charge for subsequent no shows.

Insurance does not cover these fees.

Cancellation/reschedule fees are to be paid before therapy resumes.

You are responsible for any sessions not covered due to lack of authorization. You will be advised by your insurance policy when authorization is required. You may confer with PEHS to determine when visits have been authorized. It is your responsibility to track BOTH number of sessions used AND dates of authorization if they apply.

You are responsible for the difference between the PEHS fee and what your insurance may deem usual and customary or reasonable. These limits are typically not made available to providers (PEHS). You, as the consumer, have a right to request what your insurance company's usual payments are for services to which I am referred. (PEHS highly recommends you contact your insurance carrier to get this information.) PEHS administrative team is available to support you In this process.

Your yearly maximum benefits include services performed at PEHS and any prior treatment received this calendar or benefit year. If you have a maximum number of visits per calendar year simply track those visits and verify with the insurance company your total with that of your insurance company. You are responsible for visits over and above your maximum benefit amount. You may continue treating on a self-pay basis.

We bill the first of the week following your appointment.

Call our administrative team with questions or concerns regarding your account. We are happy to help you.

Review your statements regularly.

When calling your insurance company first confirm that they have received your claim.

If your claim is received, ask them to check if there is any additional information they need to process your claim. Ask how long it takes for the claims to get processed and when the claim will be paid.

Call back in their time frame to assure payment has been made.

If when you call, they have not received your claim; first ask how long it takes to get claims into their system. If they indicate longer than two weeks, call back on their time schedule.

If the claim has had time to get into their system, and is not showing, ask for the correct billing address. With some insurance companies, claims go to different locations depending on the service.

If it appears the claims have gone to the wrong address, call our office with the correct address.

We will rebill all claims promptly.

Start the follow-up process again.

If you need to contact your insurance company directly, we suggest you keep a record of all your phone calls, documenting the name of the person to whom you spoke, the substance of the conversation and the date. Hopefully you will not need to reference prior conversations, but document just in case. We hope these ideas help you to assure your account is paid timely.

When you call for follow-up and it appears for whatever reason your claims are not going to be paid timely, don't hesitate to get your employer involved. If you have a human resource person or benefits specialist, they can often move mountains.

  1. Be informed of your rights verbally and in writing.
  2. Give informed consent recognizing your permission to receive treatment.
  3. Receive prompt and adequate treatment.
  4. Refuse treatment that you do not desire.
  5. Be free from unnecessary or excessive medication.
  6. Receive clear information regarding medication, including its possible benefits, side effects, and alternative medications.
  7. Be free from drastic treatment procedures, unless you give your informed consent.
  8. Be free from experimental research, unless you give your informed consent.
  9. Be free from unreasonable and arbitrary decisions pertaining to your treatment.
  10. Be free from audio or video recording without informed consent.
  11. Have the confidentiality of your treatment and your treatment records protected.
  12. Have access to information in your treatment records. You may also have your records forwarded to a new therapist following your treatment at Performance Enhancement Health Services, SC. You may challenge the accuracy or the information in your record and have the right to have factual errors corrected.
  13. Be aware of my financial responsibilities and clinic cancellation policy's.
  14. File a grievance regarding this clinic if you feel your rights have been denied or limited.
  15. Ask for and obtain a copy of the grievance procedure for this clinic.
  16. The matching copy is for your records and reference. This copy will remain in your Performance Enhancement Health Services file.

Performance Enhancement Health Services, SC is a multidisciplinary health care team. All clients' progress in a treatment program are monitored and discussed on a monthly basis by Performance Enhancement staff. The purpose of these staff meetings are to continually evolve treatment plans for maximum effectiveness, ensure a consistency of care across the provider team, to ensure that all vested parties are kept informed of progress of treatment, and for educational purposes.

Performance Enhancement has offices in Franklin and Waterford, Wisconsin.

Our main office is located at 8800 S. 102nd Street in Suite 103 Franklin, Wisconsin 53132

You will find our medical suite located inside of Innovative Health and Fitness next to Showtime Cinema.

The closest intersection is at Hwy 100 (Ryan Road) and Hwy 36 (Loomis Road). Go 1/2 mile south and turn left unto Falcon Drive. You will see Innovative Fitness on your left. Enter through the main entrance at Innovative Fitness and turn left towards the snack bar. Enter the first door on the right past the snack bar into our suite. Check in at our administrative area located at the second desk behind the glass window.

Our home office is located at 7418 N. Tichigan Road, Waterford, Wisconsin 53185.

This office is located on Lake Tichigan. The crossroads are 164 and North Lake Road. Go approximately 1/2 mile and turn left on North Tichigan by the Cruise Inn. After your first sharp right hand curve you will see a pale yellow house with a fenced backyard and half circle drive.

Enter through the front door and make yourself comfortable in the living room facing the lake.