We believe the financial relationship we are establishing in providing our services to you is with you, not your insurance company. We view your insurance company as your financial resource, not our client.

Therefore, as a service to you, we will process insurance claims on your behalf. Our financial arrangement with you is constructed to ensure that we are paid in a reasonable amount of time, independent of if and when your insurance company chooses to pay a claim.

If you choose not to self-pay your account, as a service to you, we will file primary insurance claims for you weekly.

As a courtesy, we call to verify your insurance information. Within this courtesy insurance verification we will request information on your deductible, copay or coinsurance, maximums, usual, reasonable and customary applications, required authorizations and where to send the claims.

PEHS is not responsible for misquotation of benefits. We/they do not guarantee payment based on these benefits. We strive to go over the above information with you at your first visit. Those clients arriving for their initial evaluation outside of business hours will be asked to go over the financial packet via phone by calling the office by the next business day.